mission and vision of the Tool Shack

A common and creative workspace where you can work focussed with each other. Why?

Short term memory of mankind is good, but the visual spatial memory of the human being is huge.
Look at the lofty space as of being the collective brain of the team.
Visualizing thoughts of everybody with working materials helps to figure out patterns. In a faster way it leads to creative syntheses.
So …. why still putting away information and data in folders, laptops and power point presentations?!
In the creative loft there a big glass magnetic whiteboard of 5 meters tall. To write on, draw on, setting out a timeline, develop a roadmap, a customer journey with persona’s. Whatever YOU want! Whatever THE TEAM needs!
Materials are fully there. Post-its, pencils, markers, printer, (colored) paper, mood boards, soundbox, television presentation screen.
Visualize your thoughts! It works.