Want to shack with modern business tools?

Price per hour €50,=. (excl. parking rate – per hour € 2,40).
Price per day €350,=. (excl. parking rate – daytime card 9-6 pm €14,40).


You join us and create result with modern and creative business tools?

Price per hour €50,=. (excl. parking rate – per hour € 2,40).
Price per day €350,=. (excl. parking rate – daytime card 9-6 pm €14,40).

Having a challenging business issue, need to investigate a business proposition, or analyse it, rethink your strategy or build your Brand, work on your stakeholders map or your product- or service portfolio?  
Your kind of ‘stuck’ which way of working to apply?
At the Tool Shack (“ToolKeet”) you work dedicated and very functional towards result. Because modern business Tools are available.
They are there all over!
So what finding out yourself all over what way of working to apply? Use what’s there!
These tools proved themselves – worldwide!
A sampling of the man great tools you’ll find overhere on the website already.
Working with it….. That’s going to be your next step? We help you creating visible results! 
Your company also wants to work & build with nowadays business tools? Come visit. And ‘shack’ with modern tools! 

Daily rental

The Tool Shack (“ToolKeet”) is an inspiring spot to generate ideas together with your team, to map them or ….. bringing them ALIVE. 
What you can do: meet, for a few hours brainstorm creatively, a whole day workshop, have a customer group conversation, or a 1-to-1 coaching session. 

The Tool Shack (“ToolKeet”) is available for use. Hire me!

Tasty enjoy

You like wine? Wanting more to know about wines and find out if YOUR taste fits best with chardonnay, pinot noir or a rioja?

Book a tasty session at the Tool Shack. (“ToolKeet”).

Sleep overnight

Step out of the daily hustle and bustle, re-think your idea of concept or over think it for a night and let it mature?
WITH everything you thought of around you at the magnetic writable walls, or at the tables of wooden doors….. that also suits you in the Tool Shack (“ToolKeet”)!
Just pull the bed out of the wall and dream on!

In your dream everything is possible! No borders make it happen. 

What does the ‘Tool Shack’ for you

Your inspirational button jumps at ON. Your mindset WIDENS.

Write it on the wall. Write it on the tables.
Stick on a wooden door. Prick it and hang on to it.
Present with a beamer. Present like your on television.
Loosen up. Get focus. Realize targeted.
Do it with music. Do it in utter silence.

Tool Shack PROMISE

This modern loft inspires and encourages creativity and DOING!



Rest and Dream about everything being possible. And tomorrow ….. start realizing!


Everything is modulair.
High tables office tables.
Long tables short tables.
One space two spaces.
Coffee or cooking.
Bar or working spot,
With bed without a bed.

Coat rack

Hang up your coat  … and find many more parenthesis.

Drinking and eating

Coffee Tea Cook – Bread Egg Juice – Soda Beer Wine – Cooking Bite Desert

Bar table

Relax at the bar table at the window; or from your working spot watch a green view

Hout vast!
aan de weg timmeren
je bent er geknipt voor!
knijp je 'm?! Hoeft niet!

Result creates new energy!

Want to create result by using creative modern business tools?

Price per hour €50,=. (excl. parking rate – per hour € 2,40).
Price per day €350,=. (excl. parking rate – daytime card 9-6 pm €14,40).